It is important that the art and colors are exactly as you would like them when we're done with the final product.  In order to achieve this we need controls  over the image.

Because there are a number of programs and different operating systems, it is important to make a file that is readable on our machines so that we can move ahead with your job.

If you are not able to create or send your art "Production Ready", we can help you with this.  Simply send your; business card, brochure, matchbook cover to:  Art In Faces: Attn. Bruce Parrott, 1204 Shadow Lane, Green Bay, WI 54304

If you are able to provide "Production Ready Art" please provide the following:

- Make all art files for PC not Mac

Send your art:  For a PC  Line Vector 

Text Converted to Curves  Spot Colored RGB  Pantone Matched  indicated.


Bitmap RBG/JPG 


- For Line Vector Art please indicate all RGB Pantone Matched Color Families for any separations.  

- Convert all text into curves so we don't have font conflicts.

- CYMK files must be minimum 300 DPI @ 100% size for best results.

When sending large amounts of Copy, for instance Technical Writing, please use a simply PC text program (.txt).  This allows me to manipulate the copy easier.

Programs like Word Perfect or Microsoft Works, lock the text and images in to a foreign format and isn't easy to work with.

If you have any questions, feel free to call Bruce at: 920-265-3622

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